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Rating System

One of the things I do here at Things Liz Loves is post reviews of movies, DVD's and books (I may include the occasional TV show, game or gadget as well). To help you get a read on what my rating system means, here's a breakdown that you can refer to for any of my reviews.

5 Stars: The highest possible rating. This means the book is an absolute must-read *or* you will be hunted down and punished if you do not see the movie.

4.5 Stars: This book or movie was amazing, but I had maybe one complaint about it. You should still absolutely read/see it.

4 Stars: This book or movie was really good, but had a couple of flaws. The offering is still worth at least a rental/library pick-up, but probably could have been slightly better.

3.5 Stars: So the book or movie wasn't perfect, and may not appeal to all audiences. I still enjoyed it and recommend you consider it.

3 Stars: The book or movie was average. I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it either. Maybe you'll get more out of it than I did.

2.5 Stars: This offering was slightly below average. Some people may enjoy it, but I'm not quite there.

2 Stars: This book or movie was kind of bad. Maybe it had a few shining moments, but there weren't enough to warrant a decent rating score.

1.5 Stars: This book or movie was a real disappointment. The one or two good parts were few and far between.

1 Star: A book or movie that receives one star is really freaking bad. I mean Troll 2 bad. Like Two Girls One Cup bad. Please don't waste your time.
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