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Friday, July 8, 2011

Upcoming Reviews...Who Knew?

So I know you guys that still follow this blog are aware that I have been the world's worst blogger over the past couple of months. I had some personal issues that kind of made things fall apart on here, and it's been much harder than I thought it would be to get back into the swing of things with posting. Lucky for me, the great people at some of the publishers I've reviewed for will not let me go quietly into the night. Prometheus Books deserves a public thank-you from me for helping me keep kicking in the blogging world. They've sent me another title to review, so I will be reading and reviewing The Sword of Fire and Sea by Erin Hoffman very soon. I also have copies of Matched by Ally Condie and Teeth: Tales of Vampires waiting to be read, so there will certainly be more to come from Things Liz Loves.

Another thing that has kept me from being all over the Blogosphere is the extra work I've been putting into my store, Things Liz Makes. I have a supply of handspun yarn for sale for any other crafters, as well as finished objects, both crochet and knit. If you have a minute, head over to Etsy and check it out.

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