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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Post from the Old Blog: Why People Should Stop Caring About Celebrity Romances

Celebrities and the people who stalk them.
We all know who they are. The crazy posters on all the celebrity gossip boards and fansites. If you so much as think the word "Robsten" around them, and the war begins. Team Robsten and Team Haters flame each other on the message boards, citing a plethora of fan made youtube videos and gossip articles to fit their cases. The posts always result in personal attacks on the people involved in the discussion and the subjects.

For example,a recent comment thread I read on gossipcop.com about the ever-popular Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart romance speculations turned very ugly. One poster wrote a 3-part manifesto about why Rob and Kristen could never be together because Kristen is "a foul-mouthed, drug-addled lesbian." This poster listed links to several fan-made youtube videos that were cut together specifically to point out what a terrible person Miss Stewart is. If that isn't psychotic enough, this poster was met with a deluge of responses claiming that "if you don't believe in Robsten, then you should kill yourself because you don't believe in true love and have nothing to live for." These people also cited fan-made youtube videos that had been cut to illustrate the "undeniable" connection between Pattinson and Stewart. All I could do in response is laugh.

Why are people so invested in the personal lives of celebrities they don't personally know and have probably never met? I understand the appeal to celebrity gossip. It's morbidly entertaining to see the lives that celebrities lead and compare them to our own. But to spend a large percentage of your day searching for evidence of the supposed relationships and to assume that your comment on a blog will mean anything to the people you obsess over is ridiculous.

And now to the main point of this piece: why should all these superfans stop caring who is sleeping with who? To the avid celebrity couple supporter, I say that your support is not only unnecessary, but creepy. How much would you like it if there were blogs and youtube accounts devoted to who you are shagging? I would hate having every glance and public conversation exchanged between myself and my friend or lover analysed and blogged to death. There already is such a lack of privacy for these people, and to have people obsessing over their personal relationships is downright disturbing.

And to the people who so adamantly refuse to admit that their celeb crush might be with someone, it's time to get a grip. We all fantasize from time to time, but it's fantasy. The reality is that most of us will never have sex with Robert Pattinson. Why attack a woman who is lucky enough to tap what we never will? I say, if Kristen and Rob (or Taylor and Selena, or Miley and Joe, etc.) are together, good for them. Let them have some peace. And STOP threatening each other because of celebrity relationships! It's none of your business anyway.

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