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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Blog...Hooray!

It's Liz! Hooray!

Hi, all! I'm Liz, writer and awesome blogger. I currently write for Suite 101, PagetoPremiere.com and private clients, as well as writing my own novel. I've started this blog in order to expand on my previous Wordpress blog, Musings of the Hollywood Outsider. I decided I wanted to do more than blog about movies and TV, because there's a lot more that I'm into than movies and TV. Thus, Things Liz Loves was born. I hope to make this blog a really great place to discuss books, movies, TV, tech and pretty much anything else that sparks the interest of my followers. So, click that little 'Follow' button and become a part of this awesome blog! I'm going to be importing all my posts from the old blog so you can get a look at them. You can also follow me on Twitter and check out some of my writing over at Suite 101 and Page to Premiere. Check out the blog list in the sidebar for more great blogs!

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