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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Stuff from the Old Blog: Nostalgia! Boy Bands

*insert squeal here*

Since I was 11 years old, I have been MADLY in love with The Backstreet Boys. Every girl who was a preteen or teenager in the late 90's had their boy band poison: for some it was Backstreet, for others it was N'Sync or 98 Degrees. Really good looking, voices of the angels, a boy to appeal to every girl's fantasy; boy bands were the perfect storm for record and concert ticket sales. Their music tugged the heartstrings of every lovesick teen girl on the planet, including mine.
N'Sync, AKA My Boy Band Nemesis

Being a Backstreet Boys fanatic, I had every recording I could get my hands on. The European debut, the American debut (same as the European one, but with a couple of track changes), every bonus track, every album, several televised and Pay-Per-View concerts, making of features for every music video...you name it, I had it. My walls were papered with pictures of the Boys, especially of AJ McLean. I would have given my right lung to meet him. He was everything I liked in a guy: eccentric, a bad boy. His rougher, more manly voice really caught me in comparison to the more boyish tones of the other group members. He was a male version of me with his ever-changing hair colors and tattoos. Even as I got older and more damaged, we mirrored each other. We both had cocaine addictions, which we both sought treatment for. He was my "dream guy." Even now that I'm happily married with kids, I'd probably give some sort of internal organ to meet him. Probably a kidney or something.

98 Degrees, before Nick broke Jessica's heart.
Every girl had her true boy band love. Backstreet fans and N'Sync fans battled each other about who was the best. Some of us enjoyed the music of all boy bands, big and small. More often than not, however, you had to pick a side. When asked by the other hardcore fans, I was a Backstreet girl through and through. But away from all the other crazy teen girls, I had the N'Sync albums. I knew the words to all the 98 Degrees songs, too. I even had a couple of tracks from some obscure British boy bands that no one in the US had even heard of. I was the biggest boy band nerd I knew. I'm almost ashamed of how dorky I really was and kind of still am. I mean, when the songs come on, I still sing along, right?

Sometimes these obsessions don't die with adulthood. As a Mother's Day gift, my husband bought me and my sister tickets to see the Backstreet Boys on June 23rd, 2010 for the SLC installment of the 'This Is Us' tour. Even now, as a full-grown, mature woman and productive member of society, I have no shame in admitting I screamed like a 13-year old Justin Bieber fan through that entire concert. It was the best time I've ever had at a concert, and yes, it was all because of the Boys.

Side note: No, I am NOT a Justin Bieber fan. Just using the comparison to illustrate my point.

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  1. I liked the Backstreet Boys but it was N*SYNC that I was a fan of. As a tweenager I had an entire wall covered in their photos from magazines lol :)


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