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Friday, October 1, 2010


I totally missed Thursday's Picks this week! I was redoing my living room floor, and since I'm not a professional flooring installer, it took a while. I promise to make up for it by doing an EPIC Thursday's Picks next week.

I will also have an ULTRA-EPIC interview with YA author Holly Schindler up later today! Holly's blog is our October Spotlight, so I will have the spotlight featurette and corresponding interview up shortly. Stephanie's Friday Movie Pick will be up today as scheduled. Thanks for your patience!

Side note: WOW! 46 followers! We are SOOOO close to picking a gift card winner, I can taste it! Make sure you have all your extra entries and your main entry in so you can have a chance to win! Both forms are on the Contests tab and here. And support the blog's contest fund by checking out the Amazon store at the bottom of the page. You guys ROCK!

Now I'm off to make this Friday the start of an EPIC OCTOBER!!!!

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