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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Time Travel Tuesday: Goosebumps

This week's Time Travel Tuesday is a retrieved post from my old blog. It's all about everyone's favorite creepy book series turned TV show, Goosebumps. Check it!

"Goosebumps" was the greatest children's horror show of all time. There were others, like "Are You Afraid Of The Dark?" but none that could compare to "Goosebumps." It had mystery, suspense, humor and life lessons. Kids were better for watching it, and it was scary! Based on the popular book series, the show would follow everyday regular kids that found themselves in extraordinary situations with supernatural forces. I remember a couple of episodes very well.

One episode, The Haunted Mask, followed a girl on Halloween. She wanted to have the scariest mask ever for trick or treating, so she went to Ye Olde Creepy Mask Shop and purchased a nasty slimy monster mask. This mask fused to her face and made her a mean monster child. The moral of tthe story was to listen to warnings, including those about creepy slimy masks. After seeing that, Jim Carrey's "The Mask" was not funny anymore. I mean, who wants to get possessed by a green mask? *Shudder*

Another episode that stuck with me was Calling All Creeps. This nerdy kid was being constantly picked on by everyone, especially little Susie Snob, the bratty little popular girl. So Nerd Boy decided he wanted to get revenge on that little witch by posting an ad in the school paper. It said for all the "creeps" in the school to call her in the middle of the night. Good plan to get her in a bunch of trouble, right? Not when Susie Snob is the editor of the school paper. She changed the ad to have everyone call his house instead! What a biotch. So, in the middle of the night, Nerd Boy gets a call from some kid claiming to be a "creep" and wanting to have a creep rally. Turns out these "creeps" are nasty pod people who want to take over the bodies of all the children. In the end, Nerd Boy helps the pod people take over and turn all the kids into slimy lizards, including that jerkface Susie Snob. What did I learn from this? Don't mess with nerdy kids. They will make sure you are destroyed when the alien invasion comes.

There were so many epic installments to the Goosebumps series. Remember the one with the creepy puppet? Or what about the one with the killer camera? There was so much win in both the TV series and the book series that it could not be contained to one medium. Goosebumps is not at all scary now, but it certainly stuck with me as a kid. When I was a little older, I moved on to "Are You Afraid Of The Dark?" because the subject matter was more mature and it had a slightly darker feel. But Goosebumps has a special place in my heart. In honor of Halloween, I suggest picking up an old Goosebumps book or DVD to reminisce and scare the bejeezus out of your kids.

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