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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Line in the Sand for Amazon

Today, it broke all over Twitter that Amazon did a horrible thing and published a terrible Kindle book that encourages people to victimize children and avoid being prosecuted for it. It's heartbreaking and disgusting for this to have happened. So, in order to help make Amazon see the error in this, I'm encouraging all of you to submit a complaint to Amazon about this book. I am also going to give them 24 hours to take the book down before I remove my Amazon store and close my affiliate account with them. I will never support a retailer that endorses this type of literature. As a mother and childhood molestation victim, I am so angry that a book like this would ever be written and that someone would take this information and use it to abuse anyone's kids and then avoid any sort of punishment. I hate to post a link to this terrible piece of garbage, but I figure that if enough people post complaints, Amazon will get the point and pull it before too may people buy it and make this sick person any more money. Please, everyone, complain to Amazon so they will pull this from their catalog. Don't buy anything from Amazon until they pull it. If you have an Amazon Associates account, tell them you will close it if they don't pull it from the site. Do whatever you can to stop this kind of thing from being spread and giving people encouragement to hurt our children.

Here's the disgusting book's listing. Link Disabled

Do whatever you can to stop this type of behavior from being encouraged. I will remove the link in 24 hours if the listing is still there so I don't do anything to give that creep advertising.

UPDATE: Amazon took down the listing, which I verified this morning. So thank you, Amazon! Hopefully, all the complaints and protesting will help Amazon be more diligent in their filtering of what gets through. I am all for free speech, but any book that incites people to do harm to others (especially children) should not be sold by family retailers. I'll stand by that statement for any book that encourages crime or violence against any group.

Anyway, the short of it: The book is gone, and I will continue to have Amazon ads on my site as long as they continue to protect the safety of their customers. Thanks for your help, everyone!

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  1. Thank you for posting this! I will not buy another book or ebook from Amazon until they take down this title!


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