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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Time Travel Tuesday: My High School Musicals

Please don't run away. This post is not about the horrid Disney product that launched many a girl's Zac Efron obsession. No, this post will focus on the greatness that made things like High School Musical and Glee possible: actual high school musical theater productions. Most of you don't know that once upon a time, little miss bloggy Liz was a theater geek. My high school didn't have a glee club. We had Ensemble, the school's premier auditioned vocal group. And yes, I was a member almost as fast as you could possibly be one. I made the group just before Christmas break freshman year. It was meant to be. That same year, I booked myself the title role in my first theater production: You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown. Yes, I cross-dressed as Charlie Brown for my craft. Stifle your laughter, please. I got involved in every theater production I could get a part in, playing a prairie girl extra in another school's show one week and a strung-out hooker in another one the next. I would ditch my other classes to go hang out in drama class and sing, dance and read lines. I freaking lived for this stuff. Even now, whenever I watch Rent, Chicago or Moulin Rouge, the musical theater geek bursts out of me and I sing along. And don't get me started on watching Glee. My husband has to leave the room...it's a bad scene. I just can't stop myself from getting into the groove. It's my first love before writing, and it will always have a special place in my heart. See if you can fight the urge to burst into song during these fabulous clips.

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  1. I think our DD3 might actually belong to you! LOL


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