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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Time Travel Tuesday: Thundercats

Thundercats. That's right. You can't fight the power of the Thundercats. I loved this show as a kid. So much so, that I knew the entire intro by heart when I was just 3 years old. This show is so epically awesome that they are bringing it back on Cartoon Network AND making a live-action film (though the film project has been put on hold by Warner Brothers, we can still keep hope alive). Check out some videos.

Those silly Thunderkittens...You can watch full episodes on Youtube for a little nostalgia.

If you want to keep up with the latest Thundercat news, hop over to the Thundercats Lair. They've got top access to everything Thundercats, from the shows to toys. And you can always get your hands on all sorts of Thundercats merchandise from Amazon. Thundercats, Hoooooooo!!!!!

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