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Monday, December 6, 2010

Frazzled Liz - Thanks Christmas!

Hey bloggy buddies! I wanted to take a moment to apologize for my less-than-frequent posting. The holidays are KILLING ME!!!
I feel your pain, little buddy.
I'm so far behind on my Christmas plans this year that my blog is suffering. I'm keeping up my regular weekly features, but I've been slacking big time on reading and reviewing. I'm sorry!!! I'm trying my best! My big mistake this year was deciding to make as many of my Christmas gifts as possible. Great idea for saving money, not so much for having time to do anything other than rip your hair out.
This is Liz on December 26th.
So let me apologize for not being the best book blogger during the holidays. I want to be better, but there's only so much Liz to go around. PLEASE bear with me over the next month as I slog my way through the holiday hubbub! I love you guys and I would hate to lose any more of you! (Note: I did lose one follower. That's enough to make me very sad, because I really love you all!) I promise, it will be worth toughing out the Christmas season.

I promise you at least one review this week. I will do everything in my power to review one book each week until the holidays are over. Then, you can bet I'll be kicking it up a notch with the reviews and contests. Do the contests fund a favor and check out the Amazon store at the bottom of the page. If you buy your books through that or the links I provide in my posts, a little Amazon cash fairy drops some money into our prize fund, leading to you getting sweet prizes more often.
Come back tomorrow for a totally sweet Time Travel Tuesday post. I've caught the steampunk bug and I want to share it with you all!

Happy Monday!

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  1. This year has been the craziest year so far for me! I hope to start some form of Christmas shopping tomorrow! We had our ward Christmas party Friday (deco committee-what was I thinking), then my daughters first big gymnastics meet Saturday (proud mommy), new siding is SLOWLY coming on and I just realized that I am about 2 months behind my usual shopping schedule. Not to mention I plan to launch my site Jan 1. Still no clue!!
    Good luck with all you have planned!!!


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