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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Time Travel Tuesday: Old Hollywood

Time Travel Tuesday is going to be evolving a bit for the new year. Instead of strictly writing about my favorite childhood trappings, I'm going to throw in a mix of things from the past that inspire me. For example, today's theme is Old Hollywood. What qualifies as "Old Hollywood," you say?
This picture is practically dripping with Old Hollywood glam awesomeness.
This timeless style is a real inspiration to me, and the fact that the trends of old come back bigger in today's world makes an old-school broad like me very happy.
Wasn't Liz Taylor AMAZING back in the day? Beautiful.
The reason this style does so much for me is that the classy sophistication is still sexy without being slutty, like some of today's more popular styles. Also, the era embraced full-figured women, which hits home big time for a thicker woman like myself. Ladies were meant to have curves, and old Hollywood was happy to showcase those curves. Makes me wish I was born in the 30's...
I would WORK this swimsuit.
I love when today's fashion reflects the tastes of this era, especially on the red carpet. I really enjoy seeing a throwback to Hollywood's roots. For example:
Elizabeth Banks, working the blonde bombshell look.
My nemesis, Jessica Alba.
So, yeah. I love this stuff. And in closing, I leave you with the great Miss Marilyn Monroe.

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