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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Time Travel Tuesday: Sweet Christmas Crafts of Old

This year, I have taken on the daunting task of giving handmade gifts to some of my family members. The endless crocheting and sewing has inspired me to reminisce about the good old days of handmade presents. Remember the days when Christmas crafts were the go-to gift for everyone in your family? Macaroni picture frames and hand woven potholders were the number one way to take care of your Christmas gift list and get an A+ in fourth grade art class. I decided that this is the time to spotlight some of the best handmade treats I remember making growing up.

I know you've all made one of these bad boys. The loop loom was the way to make a super sweet pot holder...even though it was probably not very heat resistant. You know you have one of these still hanging around in a box at your mom's house.
And how about the plaster hand print, complete with decorative plastic inserts? These wonderful pieces of art are a perfect porch decoration.
Ever made one of these? It's a Styrofoam print. I made one of an alien in 3rd grade that actually landed itself in a museum for a little while. (Note: it wasn't a beautiful work of alien Styrofoam art. Everyone in my art class got in there. Not special.) Anyway, Styrofoam prints rock.
Last but not least, the friendship bracelet. How many times did I get a wad of thread taken away because I was braiding a friendship bracelet during class? These were the old standby for a gift for your friend when you're too young to have any sort of viable income. These were neck and neck with those plastic woven keychain thingies...
I had such a hard time mastering the spiral-to-box changeover!

Hopefully this little flashback inspired you to do something fun and homemade for Christmas. I would love to see some crafty pictures from you guys! Here's one of a purse I made for my sister-in-law.
I added a braided leather-look handle and a zipped liner, and this thing looks amazing! You can check out the pattern here or let me know you would like one and I'll get you a price quote.

Hope you guys are having a great holiday season!

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  1. I used to love making Christmas presents for people when I was little! One year everyone got one of those latch hook rugs. It was really too small to use as a rug though! I decorated picture frames with beads another year. One Christmas everyone got decorated pine cones. It's embarrassing but my mom still has the ornaments I made in elementary school (and she hangs them on the Christmas tree every year).

    Friendship bracelets were the best. For my birthday one year my grandma bought me a 36-pack of embroidery thread...I was in heaven! haha


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