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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday's Picks Will Have to Wait

I know that you guys are probably fed up with me not posting this week. I'm so sorry! My internet had a "scheduled outage" all day today, which made it impossible to post Thursday's Picks today. I'm pretty upset with Comcast about this "scheduled outage" because no one told me it was happening.
Comcast, you failed me today.
So, now the husband is home and he hates it when I have to do anything on the computer while he's home. He's a bit of a whiner.
Why are you on the computer AGAIN, Liz?! *sob*
So, Thursday's Picks is going to be postponed till next week. I hope you guys will accept the little comments contest I posted yesterday as amends for this week's lapse in blog awesomeness. I still love you guys!

Bear with me, I promise I'll get better with the posting.

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