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Monday, September 13, 2010

Hello, Monday!

Hey bloggy friends! Hope everyone had a great weekend! It's Monday, and I don't have any specific posts for Mondays as of yet, so I'm going to take a moment to do a refresher of what's going on here on Things Liz Loves.

Of the utmost importance is the Immortal Beloved giveaway and author interview! The interview questions are emailing to Cate Tiernan as we speak, and the answers will be in September 20th. As part of the celebration of my first author interview, I'm giving away a copy of Cate's new book Immortal Beloved, which I gave a 4-star review to. The giveaway ends September 20th, so there's not much time left to enter! Extra entries are available for blog posts and tweets, and I'll also give you an extra 10 entries if you donate to my Gulf Coast fundraiser. I can track who's donated in the fundraiser, so if you want the extra entries for the donation, just comment on the contest post and let me know. The extra 10 entries for a donation applies to the ongoing contest as well!

Speaking of the ongoing contest, we are well on our way to selecting the first winner! Remember, you can earn extra entries for tweeting and blogging about the contest after your initial form has been submitted, so keep tweeting and blogging about it! Just put links to any posts in the extra entries form on the contest page. Twenty bucks can get you quite a bit of awesomeness on Amazon, so let's get to 50 followers!

I've also added in-frame access to my Amazon store at the bottom of the page, below the regular posts. It's chock-full of movie, TV and booky goodness. Any purchases made from Amazon links on the blog or in the Amazon store add money to the bloggy prizes fund, so if you're going to buy a book or movie we talk about here, might as well do it there. Bigger bloggy prizes fund means better prizes, right?

And now, for discussion.

What movies did you see this weekend?

I saw Resident Evil: Afterlife. I love a good creature feature, and Resident Evil has really delivered in terms of creepy genetically mutated man-eating beings. The movie was okay as far as movies go, but the 3D was really fun and the zombie people were really gross and freaky. I mean, have you seen this friggin' guy?!

I also want to note that the best line of the entire movie came from Boris Kodjoe's hunky basketball star Luther West as he escaped from a zombie-infested sewer pipe: "Star power, b@*#hes!" Good stuff.

What are you reading right now?

Fragile Eternity

I've just started Fragile Eternity by Melissa Marr. I really REALLY liked Wicked Lovely, and I know Ink Exchange is supposed to follow Wicked Lovely, but the library waiting list came up on Fragile Eternity first. So I get spoilers for Ink Exchange weaved within the story of Fragile Eternity, which is fun for me, and I still don't have the full story behind some of the outcomes. Which means I will still enjoy Ink Exchange. Hooray! I'm also waiting for access to Radiant Shadows. Teehee.

Post your responses in the comments below! I want to know what you're into!

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