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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Time Travel Tuesday - Full House

Time Travel Tuesday is a fabulous idea I got from Points of Claire-ification. Thanks, Claire!

This week's Time Travel Tuesday is going to focus on my family's favorite "lets watch this together" show: Full House. Pretty much everyone over the age of 21 has seen this show, and probably watched it regularly. The Tanners, while faced with the challenge of not having a mother, were the family everyone aspired to be. Understanding neat freak dad, cool uncle whose wife could be your best friend, cartoon-y funny guy family friend who always had everyone's back and siblings who always hugged by the end of the show. It created a perfect family ideal that I was envious of as a child.

My childhood was, let's say, tumultuous. My parents split up when I was young, I moved around a lot, I was a victim of abuse, I was exposed to alcoholism...it wasn't the picture-perfect childhood. Full House was an escape into a better family dynamic for me. That was the kind of family I dreamed of having; no one ever hit the kids when they did something bad, they were never told they couldn't have something because there wasn't enough money, and even the worst of their problems was fixed with love and affection. The girls in Full House had an amazing family and friend support system, and when I watched Full House, I did too.

It wasn't all seriousness when I watched Full House. I had the BIGGEST crush on Uncle Jesse (John Stamos). He was HOT! Great hair (after the mullet went away, of course), talented musician and soulful songwriter...he was a DREAMBOAT. I cried a little when he sang that "Forever" song to Becky when they got married. It was so sweet! And coming from such a hot piece of man candy? Come on! I even looked past the narcissistic hair obsession and Elvis fanaticism. Uncle Jesse was the business, and that was that. No other male character on that show had his appeal, not even DJ's teenage heartthrob boyfriends. Let's face it, she didn't exactly date a ton of hotties.

DJ was the daughter I identified most with. We were both the oldest child in our family. We both dealt with serious social awkwardness when it came to boys, fashion and weight. She wasn't fat, but she thought she was, and everyone around her made her feel that way. I wasn't fat, but I sure as heck felt fat until I was out of high school. DJ had the most boyfriends in spite of the fact that she was nervous about interacting with boys, and she found love with freaking Aladdin! Candace Cameron Bure grew up to be a beautiful woman who is solid in her Christian beliefs, which takes strength of character in the times we live in. And, come on, ALADDIN!

Full House is a cheese fest when I watch it now, but I still love it, and love my memories of it. I remember every word of the theme song. I remember that Kimmy Gibbler has the world's smelliest feet. I remember "How RUDE!" and "Have mercy!" and "You got it, dude!" (insert laugh track here). I remember that, for thirty minutes every day in syndication, I could be part of a perfect family and not hate every member of that family for being perfect. Full House was cheesy, but incredible all the same.

PS: Youtube wouldn't let me embed any videos of Full House, so that is why there isn't tons of Full House video awesomeness in this post. Sorry!

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