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Friday, September 17, 2010

Stephanie's Friday Movie Pick: Easy A

My pick for this week is Easy A, starring Emma Stone. Its the story of a girl who pretends to
lose her virginity to help out her gay friend. Then rumor gets out about her little tryst and the entire school goes nuts. Its not all bad though, she uses her new status as an "entertainer" to make some money from the closet cases in the school and has some lovely banter with another great comedy gal, Amanda Bynes. The film also features Penn Badgley in the cute, understanding guy role (big surprise).

Now, I love Emma Stone. She is the ideal comedic actress. I first saw her in Zombieland and she killed,
literally (What? I never saw Superbad). I decided to look up some of the other movies she was in. I ended up watching The Rocker and now the image of Rainn Wilson's butt is burned into my retina... So naked (full body shiver and cringe). But I digress. She rocked in that movie too. I'm excited to see how her career progresses from here.

Honestly, this is the only movie that looks like it will be any good this week. As far as Devil goes, seriously M. Night, its just gotten sad. And I've seen enough movies with Ben Affleck faking a Boston accent, so The Town is out. I'm almost tempted to see Alpha and Omega but then I remember that I'm not 5 anymore. In conclusion: Comedy good. Crappy elevator movie bad.

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