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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Stephanie's Thursday Pick: Machete

Here's the first post from Stephanie, my sister and newly authorized poster on Things Liz Loves. She's my slightly nerdier, more cynical counterpart in life. Enjoy her postings!

My Thursday Movie Pick: MACHETE

So I'm a total Robert Rodriguez movie addict. I even sat through all 3 Spy Kids movies. So, of course I want to see Machete. It has all the elements of a successful Rodriguez flick: Danny Trejo, lots of chicks with guns, and big explosions.

It all started as a fake trailer for the Grind House double feature by Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. It has definitely evolved since the original concept to include a tragic back story for our main character. The cast has also had some very interesting additions, most notably Steven Seagal. The cast also includes Don Johnson, Jessica Alba (I know) and Michelle Rodriguez along with quite a few of the staple cast members of a Rodriguez movie.

I'm glad they decided to keep the original trailer a large part of the film. Who doesn't love the line "They f*#@$d with the wrong Mexican."? And Cheech Marin is totally going to rock as the gun-toting priest.

This is the movie for the haters of the romantic comedy. You bring the popcorn.

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